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I have been living in Geneva for seven years now, but I must admit I do not know my surroundings as I would like to, always busy travelling abroad for family reasons or on holiday to far away resorts.

There are places like Les Pléiades, here in tiny Switzerland, that are simply worth seeing and I must thank the Summit Seekers, one of the AIWC’s hiking groups, for taking me there on June 6th.

Let’s be honest, we often crave for being in some high sounding and world renowned locations, but sometimes if we just go round the corner we discover beauty, and in some cases we grasp the essence of the country that is hosting us.

Swiss cottage at Les Pleiades

Les Pléiades is a pleasant rolling peak at 1348 m of altitude just above Vevey. It can suit all kind of people from children to family members of all ages, it can be reached on foot by a steep and short climb of 800 m, or, more leisurely, sitting and admiring the view from the wooden seats of the cog railway  Le train des étoiles.

Wether you hike or choose to sit on the train, as soon as you leave the train station at Blonay you can enjoy the incredibly peaceful view of the lake that changes steadily with the climb.

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The landscape is dotted with little houses and cottages that become scarce as you gain elevation, leaving place to pasture land and the vegetation.

It is worth planning a visit  when the narcissuses are in full bloom because you will have the chance of admiring the fields overflowing with them as it happened to us. I must say I found it wonderful!

Narcissus field @Les Pléiades

Narcissus field @Les Pléiades

At the top of the hill you will find a little restaurant called Les Pléiades, it has an astonishing terrace overlooking the lake and the mountains all around. There is a playground for kids and plenty of well sign-posted paths if you want to exercise a bit. And if you have the chance, as we did, you could even catch a glimpse of a paraglider swiftly circling over your head!

Thanks Summit Seekers!

Courtesy of J. Benedict

Photo courtesy of J. Benedict

Travelling tips


If you decide to walk around the summit you can find further details at the following link:
Pay attention though, because this link is useful only if you take the cog railway.  If you decide to hike instead you will leave from Blonay following the signs and you will have to climb steeply to the top (elevation gain 800 m).

By car

If you travel by car head to Lausanne, then Vevey and from there to Bloney.

By train

If you travel by train get a ticket to Blonay via Vevey where you will take the cog railway.

The Swiss railway timetable:

The timetable of the cog railway:

I hope you will enjoy the day!

Courtesy of J. Benedict

Photo courtesy of J. Benedict

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