Have you stopped to play a piano this week?

I don’t mean in your home; I’m referring to one of the many pianos scattered across the Geneva area just in time for next weekend’s Fête de la Musique!


The pianos, 33 in all, are part of Street Pianos, an artwork by British artist Luke Jerram that has toured the world since 2008. With the simple invitation, Jouez, Je Suis À Vous (Play Me, I’m Yours), the upright pianos invite passersby to stop and play a note or two.

A man plays the piano at Bel Air

A man plays the piano at Bel Air

Yesterday afternoon, I was passing through Geneva’s Parc des Bastions and saw that a woman was giving a mini-concerts of sorts – there were families on blankets in the grass, seniors on benches beneath shady trees, and people walking nearby, all listening to the beautiful music. When the woman finished playing, a man took her place at the bench and began to play his own tune. It was one of those perfect Geneva afternoons, and it made me happy to live here and to be part of events like this in the city!

Credit: Tako.ch

Credit: Tako.ch

The pianos are scattered throughout Geneva and the surrounding communes from 10th June until 23rd June. You can find out whether one is located near you by clicking here; all of the pianos are identified on the map at the top of the page.

Jouez, Je Suis À Vous is meant to be interactive in person and online. Through the website, you can submit photos or videos of yourself or someone else playing, you can view live streaming video of different pianos around the area, and via Facebook, you can see a list of upcoming events and concerts related to the project.

Place Molard

Find out more about Jouez, Je Suis À Vous (Play Me, I’m Yours) by clicking here; more information about the upcoming Fête de la Musique is available by clicking here.

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