It rained all night and in the morning the clouds were heavy but we decided to go anyway. Four of us met at the train station and travelled out to Satigny in the Geneva countryside to meet our guide for the weekly Friday morning hike. Some of us were friends already but we all got to know each other quickly.

From the train station, we were off at a good clip. We went into the woods early on and walked along the Nant d’Avril River, then on to Peney and its famous restaurant, the Domaine de Châteauvieux, where preparations were under way for the mid-day meal. We looked at the menu posted at the entrance and dreamt of an imaginary meal at this sumptuous 2-Michelin-star restaurant (

Then on to Peissy passing by a small arm of the Rhône River where a lone swan sitting on a nest was busy cleaning its feathers. Next was Choully surrounded by vineyards which had just awakened after the winter and all the vines were sprouting little shoots of yellowish green leaves. The photographers in the group captured the flow of a river here, a vista toward the Jura mountains there, some brown horned cattle grazing in a clearing and beautiful flowering wisteria, irises and tulips in gardens along the way. JulieMarie added her photos to mine to give you a taste of what we saw.

Our walk finally took us back to Satigny and the train to Geneva, where the slightly mud-splattered hikers split up to wend their way home.

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