I enjoy a nice glass of wine from time to time.   There are quite a few establishments in Geneva to quench your thirst, if you happen to be like me.

La Tour du Molard – this little wine bar is located in the tower in Molard Square.  There are 5-6 levels including a main bar area with several tables. For a more intimate evening, they have bar stools in groups of 2-4 on each landing, with a ledge on the windowsills, overlooking the square.    In the summer, tables spill out into the square.

What’s really neat about La Tour du Molard is that all their wines are made in the Canton of Geneva (CHF 9-12 per glass).  So, while enjoying a verre, know you are drinking local!

La Tour du Molard

Place du Molard, Geneva City Centre

La Soleil Rouge – The picture doesn’t do it justice with the construction in the background….this place is always bumping, particularly in the summer.  The atmosphere is lively and the staff is super friendly, with most speaking English.  They specialize in Spanish wines and you can purchase by the glass (CHF 5 – CHF 10) or buy a bottle from their shelves and enjoy it with your group.

I believe the basement can be rented out for special occasions.

Boulevard Helvétique 32, Center City Geneva

My husband and my physical therapist recommend a place called Boulevard du Vin. While I haven’t been there they’ve given raving reviews.

Boulevard Georges-Favon 3, Geneva

Finally, I had the pleasure of visiting La Verre en Cave on an excursion with the women’s club.   This beautiful establishment in Eaux Vives offers tastes by the glass – a “try before you buy” concept.   So, if are looking to stock up your wine collection, this could be an excellent place to have a glass.  The owner is very knowledgeable and nice.

Rue des Eaux-Vives 27, City Center Geneva

What other favorite spots do you have?

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