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Halloween is not a Swiss tradition. This is a fact. Halloween is a real fun festive time of the year. This is another fact.

I have been living in Geneva for 5 years+ now. Celebrating Halloween wasn’t really a top priority to me. Until, I became a mom.

I truly wanted my 2.5 years old daughter to enjoy this festivity. But How and Where? That was my top priority project for October 2012!

How: the fun

  1. It is Candy time: best are mini jelly candy and wafer chocolate from Migros and Coop. Minis are great to fuel up some fun while minimizing oral damage involved.

Halloween candy baskets

2. It is Costume time: fun yet confusing. What to choose for a toddler who likes too many characters? One day she goes ‘Am stram gram gram’ lady witch on her groom in the air, and another ‘peppa pig gronk gronk’ at the farm.


When confused, just make it simple: go back to the basics. Halloween = pumpkin, then pumpkin it is! Lady witch, peppa pig, hello kitty and the rest of the gang will just need to take turns for the years to come – if they will still be welcomed by then! So, costume hunting starts:

And here goes the outcome 🙂

Where: the challenge

We live in a mostly expat neighborhood in Geneva canton.  A group of friends initiated a trick or treat activity in our block. We gladly joined: walked around, followed the crowd, knocked on doors (those with lights on), got treated and hardly tricked.

trick or treat 1trick or treat 2

That was real fun on the 31st. Okay, but where is the party? A real big party, with:

  • pumpkins all around
  • munchkins cutely disguised
  • friendly music and dance floor
  • generous drinks and yummy home-made snacks
  • trick or treat giveaway bags
  • fully equipped kids playroom
  • home-baked cookies’ decoration workshop
  • comfy sitting area for parents to take a break, feed a baby, have a chat
  • cool kids and parents to mingle and exchange contact details with
  • friendly hosts, family like and beautifully disguised

Does it sound like too much to ask for? Well, it is not, and that is now a fact. AIWC Geneva chapter made it all possible under one roof. A full-fledged Halloween afternoon party, that my little pumpkin had the chance to enjoy on Saturday November 3rd, right in the heart of Geneva.

AIWC Halloween party - welcome note

cookies decorationmasterpiecesdance floorplayroom

That was on my end. How “Halloween’ish” did it get on yours?

Happy Halloween

PS. Thank you my dear friend H for the great piece of info: http://www.aiwcgeneva.org/ was the right place to be – daughter had load party fun and mother is now enjoying blogging 🙂


We are a group of international women living in Geneva, Switzerland. If you would like to join the AIWC, please visit our website athttp://www.aiwcgeneva.org/.