This is a post from one of our AIWC members who writes the blog, Schwingen in Switzerland.

She has some great expat tips, so I wanted to share her post, Geneva Expat 101 Lesson 5 – The Best Fondue In Geneva:

Finally, I have gotten to the really important things for expats in Geneva.  The Buvette at the Bains de Paquis has the best fondue in Geneva.  As much as I want to bring you the scoop, I am not about to eat every fondue in Geneva to be sure.   Regardless, I stand by my statement.  Here’s why.  It is really good fondue.  At 20 CHF, it is reasonably priced.  The best part though is the location with its wonderful view and relaxed atmosphere. This is your view.  Outstanding.  I rest my case.

It is a great place to bring out of town guests.  When my mom was visiting, we brought her here (by boat from Eaux-Vives) for a very memorable evening.  She ate it up.  Heck, I ate it up.  Literally.

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