Last week, the Friday Morning Hiking Group headed out to Geneva’s countryside and spent just over two hours walking from Satigny to Le Lignon for a total of 5.9 miles / 9.5 kilometers. The route took us through shaded woods, along the Rhone river, and past fields of sunflowers.

Hiking paths all over Switzerland are all well marked, making it easy to explore almost every part of the country. Yellow signs placed strategically along the paths indicate position, altitude, and destinations with an average required time.

I like these hikes because I never know what I’m going to discover about the area. This week, we saw gardens, baby goats, and airplanes coming in to land at Geneva’s airport.

This group hikes every Friday morning, weather permitting, in the Geneva area. I’ve been hiking with the group for nearly a year, and it’s one of the parts of the week I look forward to the most – a few hours in the countryside with friendly people and good conversation, it is a great way to start the weekend!

If you’d like to see more of Geneva’s countryside, consider joining our Friday Hiking Group. You can also check out local hiking routes on this website, or purchase a map of the area’s marked hiking paths at any Swiss post office.

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