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For many of us, living in Geneva provides a chance to be close to a lake which ordinarily might not be common.

Lake Geneva is an awesome place to swim and relax.   Here are a few of my recommendations where you can go “jump in a lake!”

#1 – Baby Plage.   This little beach isn’t just for babies.   It is located on the left bank, a five minute walk north of the Jet d’eau.   It is completely free.   So, take a swim, or perhaps bring a picnic and sit on the lakeside rocks or the rose gardens that line the Left Bank.  There is also a little burette for buying drinks, ice cream and small nibbles if you would like!

Baby Plage isn’t just for babies

#2 – Genève Plage.   I first heard about this through another AIWC member who bought an annual membership.  She recommends it for moms & kids as there are lots of shady areas and a baby pool.   I went and was excited about the high dive, although I only was brave enough to jump off the middle.   There is also a very large swimming pool and a slide.   The grassy area is very large and provides plenty of room to lay out.   Picnicking is technically not permitted.  They do have a restaurant and snack bar onsite.  Admission = CHF.  Buyclub.ch is actually running a deal right now for 25 CHF for a summer membership!

High dive at Genève Plage

Pebble beach at Genève Plage – bring shoes if you like to walk around in the water

#3 – Bains des Paquis.  I have only been here for fondue in the winter (thus the photo of the lady in warm clothes), but a good friend recommends it as an excellent swimming spot and a great place to jump off the high dive after a run.  They have a nice buvette which I heard does a very inexpensive breakfast.  The Bains des Paquis offers massages, steam rooms if you are looking for those types of treatments.  They also have free concerts from time to time, and free Tai Chi on Sunday mornings.   There is an entry fee which varies based on what you want to do.

Bains des Paquis

#4 La Jonction.  Some friends live here so we have had the pleasure of meeting them to gather riverside a few times.   Last summer, we took a raft out which was quite fun (until we had to drag it back).   You can jump in and float down for awhile before climbing out…just make sure its before the Rhone meets the frosty Arve!  A plus is that this is free.

Decks & river-swimming at La Jonction

#5 – Hermance.  I recently met a friend here.  It is a lovely beach and was quiet and very kid-friendly on the weekday we went.  Just be sure to know it is windy so that you bring a wrap if its too be a chilly day.   You can also watch the scuba divers, which is fun.   The entry is 4 CHF.  They also have a buvette for purchasing food & drinks.

Hermance beach for peace & quiet and scuba divers

Profitez from the gorgeous weather and go jump in a lake!!!


We are a group of international women living in Geneva, Switzerland.  If you would like to join the AIWC, please visit our website at http://www.aiwcgeneva.org/.