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Paper boxes all over Geneva boldly exclaimed the news from CERN today.   They have discovered the Higgs Particle.

I enjoyed Le Matin’s that reads,  “The Higgs Particle – Party Like A Rock Star”

This discovery is of a particular relevance to me.   I was fortunate to participate in the AIWC Group Outing to CERN in January.   We had a group of 25 of us who were given a special presentation and private tour by three of their scientists.

At that time, they had told us that the particle had not been found yet.

The globe at CERN

The tour was quite interesting, learning about the colliders buried deep underneath Geneva and neighboring France.

One of the old smaller pieces of equipment, before the new underground chamber

A data screen at CERN.  There are millions upon millions of collisions that must be analyzed

Our guide showing us the stream of data, being analyzed from all over the world. In fact, the world wide web was invented at CERN because of this need for data sharing.

If you are interested in getting a tour of CERN, reservations are needed months in advance.  So, you may want to act early if you would like a tour or know guests who would like to see CERN.   You can learn more on their website.

We are a group of international women living in Geneva, Switzerland.  If you would like to join the AIWC, please visit our website at http://www.aiwcgeneva.org/.